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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Citrix Transition

Citrix Transition

· Key Personnel Contact Information – Citrix Administrator
· Do we have Citrix Design diagrams or configurations Documentation?
· Detailed information on your day-to-day activities, tasks and priorities.
· Is there any Citrix or third party support contract? Types of Citrix Support do we have? and how much the company is paying for these services?
o Subscription-Based Support 
o E-mail support
o Phone support
o Direct access
· Access Layer Do we use
o NetScaler Gateway appliance
o NetScaler VPX virtual appliance
· ResourcesLayer Supported hypervisors
o XenServer
o Hyper-V
o vSphere
· Application Delivery
o Microsoft App-V
o Windows Server Hosted Apps
· Desktops Delivery
o Machine Creation Services
o Provisioning Services
o Dedicated VDI
o Pooled Desktop
o Personal VDI with full personalization
· Desktop Session Delivery
o Session Virtualization
o Desktop Virtualization
· System Center Configuration Manager integration with Citrix
· License server and Product Editions

Common XenApp Ports:

TCP 1494 – ICA Protocol
TCP 2598 – ICA with Session Reliability
TCP 2512 – IMA communication
TCP 2513 – XenApp Advanced Console
UDP 1604 – TCP Browsing
TCP 80 – XML Service Port
TCP 443 – SSL Communications
TCP 8082 – License Management Console
TCP – 27000 – License Port
TCP – 5985 – WinRM 2.0
TCP – 7279 – Citrix Vendor Daemon

XenApp Plugins:

XenApp Plug-In for Hosted Applications
XenApp Plug-In for Streamed Applications
XenApp Web Plug-In
Client for Java
Citrix Receiver
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