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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bad request (HTTP 400 error) in Exchange 2013 OWA/ECP

Remove-ecpVirtualDirectory “ex01\ecp (Default Web Site)”
Remove-ecpVirtualDirectory “ex01\ecp (exchange back end)”
New-ecpVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/ecp” -ExternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/ecp”
New-ecpVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/ecp” -ExternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/ecp” -Website Name “Exchange Back End”
Remove-owaVirtualDirectory “ex01\owa (Default Web Site)”
Remove-owaVirtualDirectory “ex01\owa (exchange back end)”
New-owaVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/owa” -ExternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/owa”
New-owaVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/owa” -ExternalUrl “https://mail.qtg.life/owa” -WebSiteName “Exchange Back End”
 Enable Exchange On-Premises to use Integrated Windows Authentication
Get-EcpVirtualDirectory "ECP (Default Web Site)" | Format-List *Authentication*
Set-OwaVirtualDirectory "owa (Default Web Site)" -BasicAuthentication $True -WindowsAuthentication $True
Set-EcpVirtualDirectory "EX01\ecp (Default Web Site)" -BasicAuthentication:$True -WindowsAuthentication:$True
iisreset /noforce
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